Fact: Every business is affected by environmental exposures.

What is a Pollutant?

At environmental Strategist®, we define a pollutant as a material, substance or product that is introduced into an environment for reasons other than its intended use or purpose. Put simply, it’s something that ends up where it doesn’t belong. Fresh water, milk, cheese, fruit juice – all of these have all been defined as pollutants in some circumstances.

Since the 1970s, environmental groups, governments, private companies, and individuals have used litigation-based business models to address difficult environmental issues and liabilities. Unfortunately, environmental litigation-based business models are often expensive and time-consuming – and they rarely bring about the most desirable outcomes for the parties involved.

Billions of dollars are wasted each year by businesses that take a reactive approach to their potential environmental exposures. In some cases, being unprepared for such exposures can lead to financial ruin for a business and even make management directly liable for the consequences.

The costs of pollution liabilities can be significant to mount an effective legal defense, ensure clean-up of contaminated property, cover third-party bodily injury or property damage, withstand business interruption, and address other critical challenges. As a result, today’s most successful businesses are managing environmental risks and changing the way they operate – and by being proactive they are seizing the competitive advantage.

The environmental Strategist® business model creates environmental awareness and understanding that drives increased profits and reduces environmental liabilities. Using this model, environmental Strategist® helps businesses effectively and appropriately manage and transfer their environmental exposures.

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“The technology revolution drove demand for IT professionals. Today’s environmental revolution is driving demand for certified environmental Strategist®.” – Chris Bunbury, eS