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Environmental stewardship and responsible corporate citizenship have become essential factors in surviving and winning in today’s competitive markets.

As a Certified environmental Strategist (CeS), you will learn about the most powerful and effective methods to help your clients drive profits and long-term growth while protecting human health and the environment. You will acquire the resources that are vital to your clients in taking a strategic approach to managing and transferring their environmental exposures.

I would like to share some basic market factors I’ve learned by working for more than three decades as an environmental Strategist. Because you breathe air and drink water, you are affected by and contribute to environmental exposures. In fact, the truth is – we are all polluters.

Why are we all polluters?

We all use consumer products that contain PFAS and other man-made chemicals. These include the fire-retardant chemicals in the clothes you are wearing right now – and other chemicals that are in carpeting in our homes and the upholstery on our furniture. When we order a pizza to go, the pizza box contains PFAS and other man-made chemicals that keep the grease from soaking through and ruining the cardboard. And speaking of the food we all eat, the agricultural industry uses more than 80 percent of the world’s fresh water in its operations and is the number-one source of the pollutants that reach our waterways.

The bottom line in any discussion about the environment is that each of us is a polluter. Against that background, you cannot be in business without contributing to or being affected by environmental exposures.

As polluters, the challenge we all face is how can we manage pollution in a way that has the least adverse effect on human health and the environment. That is what you will be learning on your environmental Strategist path via the National Alliance On-Demand Certified environmental Strategist coaching series.

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“The technology revolution drove demand for IT professionals. Today’s environmental revolution is driving demand for certified environmental Strategist®.” – Chris Bunbury, eS