About Us

Assisting businesses in managing and transferring their environmental exposures is the core function of an environmental Strategist (eS™). Today’s transparent business environment and requirements for a more sustainable economy, are driving demand for eS professionals much like the computer industry has driven demand for IT professionals.

eS online allows you to join us as a certified environmental Strategist once you complete your online training and test via The National Alliance online training portal. The eS certification is designed to benefit insurance professionals, attorney’s, bankers, accountants, realtors, environmental engineers, remediation contractors, business owners, managers, risk managers, and more. eS online gives you the resources you need to effectively drive your sales in today’s business environment while distinguishing yourself from your competition.

As a certified eS, you will be able to use the environmental Strategist name and logo on your business cards, letterhead and advertisements identifying yourself as an environmental professional and industry leader.

eS also gain exclusive access to all of the eS online resources designed to leverage your business model. From eS environmental Risk Assessments (eRA), eS resource library, eS social network and much more. In a sustainable business model, eS are game changers.

eS = industry innovators, leaders, game changers.

Mission Statement: As environmental Strategist we assist companies to leverage their sales by managing and transferring their environmental exposures.

Chris Bunbury, eS is President of environmental Strategist, Inc. (eSI) and Environmental Risk Managers, Inc. (ERMI).

In 1988 Chris began his environmental risk management career. For more than 3 decades Chris has assisted a wide spectrum of clients that work at nuclear facilities, direct disaster relief work, environmental engineers and remediation contractors, to agricultural operations, educational institutions, health care, real estate developers, manufacturers, municipalities, contractors and more.

environmental Risk Managers, Inc. is a national environmental insurance wholesaler working with property and casualty insurance agents and their clients throughout the United States.

environmental Strategist, Inc. conducts environmental R&D and educates businesses on environmental efficiency and risk management to drive growth and profits in today’s business environment.