environmental Strategist, between the lines: Environmental Economics

Have you noticed our shift toward an environmental economics (ee) platform? Probably not, but it is coming, slowly but surely.

What is ee? Our current economic platform I call our “Slash & Trash” economy. Under a Slash & Trash economy the environment is a subset under the economy. Under an ee platform the opposite is true, i.e. the economy is a subset under the environment.

The link below will share with you an excellent example of ee involving Starbucks. Due to the severe water draught in California, Starbucks has elected to utilize another facility in Pennsylvania where there is ample water for its Ethos bottled water brand. i.e. the environment is directing where Starbucks is getting its water.

Obviously Starbucks strategy is to proactively address its environmental reputational risk.

We have learned that our Slash & Trash economy is flawed and ee offers a stronger foundation which if you do not embrace ee, will be forced upon you, i.e. California water restrictions.

California drought prompts Starbucks to source its Ethos Water elsewhere